Internationalisation of UdA’s teaching

UdA firmly believes in the internationalisation of its teaching and teaching staff. To do so, UdA is working hard at promoting the exchange and mobility of academics, scholars and students.
Uda knows that to move across the globe means to be more flexible, more open to different cultures and ways of doing things; on the other hand, UdA knows well that in order to facilitate this kind of exchange, it has to be more flexible itself. To be so, it has to:
  • facilitate the acknowledgment of course credits gained abroad
  • build more flexible study plans
  • let its students have double titles, valid in Italy and abroad
  • help its students learn foreign languages 
  • create joint/dual degrees
  • attract high-profile visiting scholars
  • export and import expertise
  • create collaborations between academia and business, local and international, to facilitate employability
  • create network of Italian and international universities so to widen the students’ cultural and professional horizons