UdA’s main ambition is to be internationally renowned both for the quality of its teaching and learning environment and for the excellence of its research in several academic fields, from Archaeology to Architecture, from Economy and Humanities to Sports and Medicine. In the actual historical context, the implementation of an internationalisation policy becomes crucial as a means to develop and promote the University and its territory. Indeed, our region is full of historical and cultural potential that has the right and the duty to attract international scholars and researchers. Through international partnerships, research and teaching excellence, UdA aims at promoting the advancement of knowledge, research, learning and know-how in the service of national communities as well as of the global society. UdA international activities focus on: 
1. Attracting the best international minds 
2. Providing an excellent international student experience
3. Investing in strategic partnerships with world-class institutions
4. Inspiring high-profile visiting students and academics 
5. Increasing the students’ international awareness and their engagement with global issues
6. Increasing networking of faculty and researchers
7. Strengthening the connection among higher education, research and business aiming at regional, national and international development